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Archeological finding Uncategorized Велико Градиште
Arheoloski lokalitet ostrovo1 1388749899

On a big Danube island “Ada”, 5km to the west from Veliko Gradište and 1,5km northeast from today’s village Ostrovo, there is an Archaeological Locality Ostrovo. Surface excavations discovered in several sites in the north and east part of the Ada witness the active life in this area for a long period of almost 2000 years.

During 1967 probe excavations were made in “Tavan” area and confirmed the results indicated by the surface excavations. The traces of a settlement from the Early Iron Age (800-600 year BC) were discovered. These are mostly semi – ditched dugouts with wattle walls, covered with mud and numerous movable items of pottery typical for the Vojvodina area. The findings from the antique period are scarce (mostly Celtic) and they witness transitory short – term population, while in the period from IX to X century not far away from the prehistoric one, there was a medieval settlement with soil – made houses and big calotte furnaces built in a combination of stone and soil. The medieval phase was also abundant with crockery (pots, bowls) of dark colors with multiple wave lines as ornaments.