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Archeological finding Uncategorized Смедерево
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It is located westward on the outskirts of Vranovo village, on the left riverbank of the Jezava and nearby the village cemetery. It is dominantly positioned towards  the Velika Morava vast valley spreading to the north and east of this locality. The name of the finding originates from the same name of the Ornice locality. The archeological findings were discovered almost accidentally during the agricultural work. This finding is very complex and multilayered and has its existence continuity in this area between the Early Iron Age (Hallstatt 800 – 500 BC to late Roman period III-IV century AD). Within this area there is a small mount (probably a tumulus), called Umka by the inhabitants and which discovers the remains of a smaller edifice built of rock – likely to have been watchtower  from the Roman period. According to its position, it had a significant role in controlling the road along the left riverbank of the Jezava, which was parallel with the Morava valley. The most significant single unit is a brick built tomb with gabled roof, covered with a hydrostatic plaster  and depicted with floral motifs inside.  According to the tomb type and movable findings discovered in it, it  could date back between the end of II and the beginning of III century B.C. Similar tombs have been found in the vicinity, within the Nova Železara complex during its construction and within Viminacium necropolis.