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The Monument of Culture Great importance Велика Плана
Crkva i skola  u krnjevu (1) 1385137144
Crkva i skola  u krnjevu (2) 1385137146 Crkva i skola  u krnjevu (3) 1385137148

In a part of a village called Divostin, in the woods nearby the village cemetery, there is a log church dedicated to Saint George. It was constructed in the first half of XVIII century and it belongs to the group of the earliest log churches in Serbia. The witness of its age is a fact that it was renovated by the end of XVIII century for the first time.

The church is of a single nave base with polygonal altar apse and a built up rectangular porch in the west as an extension. With time, the planks were covered with plaster from the inside and the outside; the walls were whitewashed, the shingle was replaced with reclaimed roof tiles and the roof level slope was altered. From the outside, there were pillars covered with plaster, and under the eaves there is a row of blind arcades. All alterations contributed to the visual degradation of initial characteristics of a true log house.

The interior is barrel –vaulted with shashovac, decorated with three rosette windows of different style. On the porch ceiling there is also a rosette window. The Ambon, baptistery and Holy Table are carved in stone.

The church keeps a collection of icons from the end of XVIII century and the beginning of XIX century, and the iconostasis holds icons from various early periods. The church also has a huge number of rare and old valuable books.

Next to the log church, there is a massive wooden bell tower and an old school building in the port, dating back to 1779. Today this building serves the ecclesial needs. In the port vicinity there is a cemetery formed as early as 1820 where even to this day there is a burial continuation; in the north of the church, and in the port itself, Smederevo duke Djuša Vulićević was buried.