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The Monument of Culture Great importance Смедеревска Паланка
Crkva brvnara u selevcu
Crkva brvnara u selevcu (2) 1386096087 Crkva brvnara u selevcu (3) 1386096090 Crkva brvnara u selevcu (4) 1386096094

The log church of Holy Trinity was built in the time of Knez Miloš Obrenović, upon the request of Stanoje Glavaš between 1827 and 1832. It is of a single nave base with an altar space in the east and an extended semicircular porch in the west. The porch width is designed as equal to the church nave width with the stone wall in the bottom part and wooden pillars in the upper part.  The church is entirely built of oak, it has stone foundation and a high, steep roof rounded above the porch and altar. The interior has an arched wooden, barrel vault made of “shashovac”; its walls are plastered and in 1948, they were fresco – painted. The inside is covered with wooden baseboard, so the fresco – painting cannot be discernible underneath it.

The church of the Holy Trinity is the biggest log church with a porch in Serbia. Its uniqueness is highlighted by a fact that there used to be a completely preserved original roof with shingle under the present time roof. By building a new roof, the shingle has turned into a tile roof basis which remained on the church until the beginning of XX century. After the First World War a new roof construction was designed, the tiles were removed and the new roof was covered with reclaimed roof tiles – a cover which has remained to this day.

The iconostasis dates back to 1834, аnd the icons are the work of Janja Moler. According to the experts this is the most representative iconostasis in any log church in Serbia.