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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велика Плана
Crkva brvnara u lozoviku (1) 1385136643
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Log church in Lozovik was built upon the initiative and mutual efforts of the Lozovik and Saraorci locals.  Its construction had begun around  1806, but was finished only in 1831.

The church was made of oak planks on the crushed stone foundations; it was covered with miniature shingle much alike tip-cat (the initial shingle coverage was of dimensions similar to the one on Pokajnica Monastery). Its base has 14,6х6,6m, thus it belongs to our log churches of mediums size. It is divided into 4 parts: a porch with pillars, a narthex partitioned from the nave and a polygonal altar space with a stone altar. There are two doors - in the west and in the north - decorated with profiled slats and three small windows with iron bars. The interior is barrel vault shaped, made of oak shashovac.

The icons on the iconostasis were painted during 1831and 1832 by Jovan Stergević, better known as Janja Moler.

There used to be a school in the church port, together with a bell tower and bells donated to Lozovik churhc by Knez Miloš. After the new Lozovik church had been constructed  in 1895, the bells were moved from th bell tower to the new chuch bell tower. However, they were transferred to Austria – Hungary during the First World War and recast afterwards. The old school worked until 1874 but no trace of it has been left behind.

Larger construction projects on a log church had been undertaken in 1931 in regard to the temple centenary, then later in the 70s’ of XX century managed by the Institute for the Monuments of Culture protection in Kragujevac, and between 2003 and 2004 managed by the Regional Institute for the Monuments of Culture protection in Kragujevac managed by the Regional Institute for Smederevo Monuments of Culture protection.