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The Monument of Culture Great importance Смедеревска Паланка
Crkva brvnara u smederevskoj palanci
Crkva brvnara u smederevskoj palanci (2) 1386096305 Crkva brvnara u smederevskoj palanci (3) 1386096307

Log church dedicated to Saint Prophet Elijah is located in the central part of the town cemetery in Smederevska Palanka. It was built mostly owing to the funds of Miloš Obrenović in the period from 1827-1828 and represents one of the most infrequent town log churches. Until 1906, it had been located in the town centre and at the end of XIX century  after the erection of a new temple dedicated to Transfiguration of Jesus in the port, the log church was moved to the town cemetery.  

The church is of a single nave base and polygonal altar apse without a porch. Spatially it is divided into an altar space, a nave and a narthex. It was made of oak, on the foundations of semi-hewn stone. The roof is low and the eaves are wide. It used to be covered with industrial tile.

The church interior is arched with a barrel vault made of profiled “shashovac“. The floor is made of square form brick. The corners of the church planks are marked with a cut, which after the diassembly and relocation helped the church to be reassembled.

The church has an iconostasis dated back to the 30s of XIX century. Except the imperial gates, all the icons on the iconostasis are the work of Janja Moler. Valuable movable items that the church keeps are a candlestick made of a single - piece wood, a brass cross and huge wrought iron chandeliers.