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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Жабари
1 crkva rodjenja presvete bogorodice u ceterezu 1387398902
2 crkva rodjenja presvete bogorodice u ceterezu 1387398904

The Most Holy Mother Birth Church in Četereže was built in 1854 near the old log church dated from the beginning of XIX century.

It was designed in Classicist style with Baroque elements applications. It is of a single – nave base with an altar apse and conchal choirs in the east, while the narthex and a bell tower are in the west. Spatially it is divided into an altar, a nave and a narthex with a gallery. The façade decoration is featured with architectural elements in a form of cordon ranges, pilaster strips, arched single lancet windows, some of which are blind, as well as a modest portal design. A special emphasis is made on the west façade over which dominates a massive bell tower.  

The icons on the iconostasis were created in the second half of XIX century. Throne icons are singled out by their painting quality and indicate the work of a painter Živko Pavlović. The wall painting is the work of a Russian immigrant Todor Farafanov from 1934.

The Most Holy Mother Birth Church in Četereže keeps valuable liturgical books and plates mostly dated from XIX century.