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Church Birth of The Most Holy Mother  in Lipe was raised in 1884.  Its design is in the style of Classicism with a slight use of Baroque elements.

It is spatially designed as a single nave rectangular building which has three semicircular apses additionally built on the east, north and west side from the inside; from the outside there are five-sided apses added. This way, the building acquired architectural compactness with a spacious nave arched with a barrel vault with two side choirs attached to it on the north and south side, altar in the East and a narthex with a gallery and a bell tower in the West. The church was built of brick, it was plastered and painted in white and blue, where blue was used to accent the bell tower dome, choirs demicalottes and the altar apse. The decorative alteration of the façade is simplified. The horizontal elevation is performed with three cordon ranges,  while the vertical one with high and arched window holes is additionally accentuated with the bell tower on the west side.  

In the church there is an iconostasis partition in Classicist style. Its icons were painted by two unequally skilled artists at the end of XIX century. There are also two movable icons on the board kept in the church; they depict Saint John the Baptist and Virgin Mary with little Christ.

During the First World War, particularly during the assaults in 1915, the church was considerably damaged: the bells were removed, the books were burnt and movable objects taken away. The church was renovated in 1926.