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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедерево
2 crkva u osipaonici 1383145333
3 crkva u osipaonici 1383145335

On former Road to Carigrad, not far away from Smederevo, there is a village Osipaonica, where the Church of Saint Archangel Gabriel was built in a spacious Porte in 1826. It was built on a decrepit cult locality in a part of a village called Lalić and thus also known as the Lalić Church. Its builder was a renowned architect Milutin Godjevac, and there are documents evidencing duke Miloš as a patron. In the church vicinity there was a massive wooden bell tower, a big church-goers house and an old parish dorm.

The church was built as a single nave rectangular building with a polygonal altar apse in the East, and semicircular side choirs and accented wooden semicircular porch on the west side comprised of six wooden pillars positioned on a stone wall. It was made of stone and brick and it has an extremely steep roof once covered with shingle, now rounded off in the east and west part. Although built of solid material, it was modeled in the tradition of log cabin churches in a sense of proportion between the mass roof and short walls; it has small windows, wooden slump vault and wooden porch.  Today the church is covered with galvanized sheet.

In the church there is an iconostasis with the throne icons dated back from 1827-1829, the art which belongs to Janja Moler, the most renowned painter in the time of duke Miloš. Some of the icons in the Osipaonica iconostasis are in the literature attributed to Nikola Apostolović, a renowned painter of the insurrectionary Serbia. There are numerous old and valuable liturgical objects and books kept in the church. In the vicinity there is also a church, a new bell tower and parish dorm built in the late XX century.