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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедеревска Паланка
1 crkva svetih kozme i damjana u azanji
2 crkva svetih kozme i damjana u azanji 1386098137

The Church of Saint Unmercinaries Cosma and Damjan in Azanja was built in the period between 1884 and 1889. With in – kind donations and is located in the village center.

It was designed in the Classicist style with Romanticism elements. It is of a single nave base and spatially divided into a nave with two choir apses in the north and south, an altar space in the east and a narthex with a slender bell tower in the west. The façade decoration is featured with a designed cordon garland and a multiple profiled roof garland, reclining pillars which follow the interior space division, details such as blind oculi and a special treatment of portal entrance with accentuated triangular tympanums.

The fresco – painting is the work of an unknown artist, whilst most icons on the iconostasis partition were painted by Nastas Tomić, a fresco painter from Kruševac by the end of XIX century.

The church has valuable icons, liturgical books and plates. Among these, a wooden tabernacle given to the church by Vučko M. Bogdanović from Smederevo in 1889 and a filigree throne cross hold a great artistic value. The cross has an inscription text designed with a silver string: “This Holy Cross was brought from Mount Athos by priest of Azanja поч. Kosta born in 1830, died in 1886, in the month of May and he gave it to his son, priest Mihajlo born on 1863.17.2. +; it was wrought and decorated in Prištinа by his grandson Milorad M. Majstorović, a headquarter colonel who passed it on to his brother priest Kosta, born in 1894 to bless his with flock with the Holy name of God. The year of 1928, August 29. On Saint John Day, Prištinа “.