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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Мало Црниће
Crkva svetih petozarnih mucenika u smoljincu (1) 1387988109
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The Monument of Culture (1975/1983)

The church of Five Saint Martyrs in Smoljinac was built in 1847 on the grounds of an older church. The construction year, the patron and the painters are mentioned in an inscription on the north nave wall. The inscription also shows that the church was built by a master Anastas Naumović from Ohrid.

The church is designed in a Classicist style as a single – nave building with a semicircular altar apse in the width of the nave in the east and a bell tower in the west. Spatially it is divided into an altar, a nave with a shallow rectangular choir space and a narthex with a gallery above which there is a massive bell tower. Both vertical and horizontal division is applied on the facades additionally accentuated with application of terracotta and beige in the final processing.

The fresco – painting and the icons on the altar partition were made by Milija and Ivan Marković, painters from Požarevac, which is also witnessed by a nave inscription. The iconostasis is designed in Classicist style with Baroque – rococo gilded decoration application. Thirty – three icons arranged in five zones on the altar partition, as well as Episcopal and Holy Mother’s throne and two choir tables were initially protected in 1975. The church in Smoljinac also has nice examples of movable icons, liturgical books and plates, as well as pieces of church movables.

The port keeps a few tombstones and old stone cross – shaped monuments dated back to the first part of XIX century. Apart from these, there is also a monument to the fallen warriors of this area from Serbia liberation Wars between 1912 and 1918. It is designed in black marble in the shape of obelisk and a double – headed eagle at the top of it.