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1 crkva svetih petra i pavla u kolarima 1383140969
2 crkva svetih petra i pavla u kolarima 1383140970

The Church of Saint Peter And Paul was built in 1847 in lieu of an old log church from године на 1717. This year was engraved on the north portal architrave, recorded also in the register of deaths.  

Kolari church base is a single - nave building designed in Classicist style. According to some data, its building material was stone borrowed from a ruined Kolari mosque, Kolari fortress, an abandoned Binovac monastery and churches in Badljevica and Petrijevo. It is divided into rectangular nave which is extended to a semicircular altar apse towards east; to the west side there is a narthex and a gallery extension with a bell tower above.  The church façade is modestly profiled. Since the horizontal elevation was left out, the vertical one is particularly accented with window holes, pilasters and a massive bell tower in the west façade.  

Fresco – painting and icons on the iconostasis partition are the work of a painter Dimitrije Posniković, a fact confirmed with the painter’s signature on particular icons and wall paintings: “Frescoes painted by Dimitrii Posnik from Belgrade in 1876”. Particular value lies in the painting units, medallions on the gallery fence, portraying holy monarchs from the Nemanjić, Lazarević and Branković family. The iconostasis partition was designed in a Classicistic style and is the work of carpenter Franz Schmidt; its draft was made by Posniković himself. Its icons were painted in 1876 with oil on wood technique.  In Kolari church an iconostasis from Binovac monastery was initially displayed. The Jesus Christ icon from 1827 and the Crucifixion from 1830 are to this day kept in the Kolari church.

The church holds a possession of a valuable amount of church items (icons, liturgical plates, books) as well as fine pieces of the church movables (Episcopal, Imperial, the Virgin’s Throne).