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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велика Плана
Crkva svetih petra i pavla u lozoviku (1) 1385138421
Crkva svetih petra i pavla u lozoviku (2) 1385138424

The church Of Saint Peter and Paul in Lozovik was built in the period from  1890 to 1893/4. It is located in a spacious port together with the log church from the year 1831, in the vicinity of the village center.  The white marble plate is a witness of the construction year:  “The municipalities Lozovik and Saraorci  erected this temple during the reign of Serbian King Aleksandar I  and Metropolis Mihajlo in 1894“.

It is mostly quoted in the literature to have been constructed according to the project of an architect Dušan Živanović, whereas the latest research allege Emanuel Sander as a potential architect,  based on the similarity to the church in Rača of Kragujevac.

It is designed in the Classicist style with Baroque elements design. This single nave building consists of a nave extended into an altar apse on the east side; on the north and south side there are semicircular choirs and a narthex with a gallery and bell tower in the west. A modest façade decoration is enriched with polychromy, using beige and terracotta colors to emphasize architectural elements – the frieze of blind arcades, pilasters, blind oculi and single lancet windows.  

Exceptionally valuable artistic units in the church are the icons on an iconostasis partition designed in Classicist style, as well as the works of most famous and renowned Serbian painters of the second half of XIX century: Đorđe Krstić, Steva Todorović, Živko Jugović, Petar Ranosavić, Đorđe Milovanović and Dimitrije Andrejević. They were painted in oil on canvas technique laid on a wooden base.

The church too possesses valuable items of movable icons, liturgical books and plates from  XVIII and XIX century.