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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Петровац
1crkva svetih petra i pavla u ranovcu 1388763279
Ikona bogoridice sa svetiteljima rad zivka pavlovica iz 1835.god 1388763282 Ikona hrista na prestolu sredina xviii veka 1388763285 Ikona svetih petra i pavla iz 1837. god 1388763288

Church Of Saint Peter And Paul in Ranovac was built in 1875/76. It is located outside the village center on a hill. It is designed in Romantic historicism style. It is of a single – nave base with an altar apse in the east, side choir apses and a bell tower in the west. Spatially it is divided into a single altar space, a nave with pentagonal choir spaces and a narthex with a gallery over which a bell tower is positioned. Façade decoration features with architectural elements in a form of a roof and pitch garland, a blind arcades frieze and details designed in red brick that follow the arched endings of straight blind single lancet windows and an oculus with their shape. A special attention is paid to the west façade design with an accentuated entrance portal, painted niches and a tympanum, one oculus and a slender bell tower.

The icons on altar partition and the fresco – painting are of a later date.

The church keeps valuable examples of icons, liturgical books and plates. Three icons particularly stand out and were stated as the monuments of culture in 1969. The icons in question are: Christ on throne – the work of a zograph painter from the mid XVIII century, Holy Mother with Saint Nicola, Saint John, Saint George, Saint Sava, Saint Simeon and Saint Dmitri – the work of Živko Pavlović   painter from Požarevac from 1835, as well as the icons of Saint Peter and Paul from 1837 – the work of a zograph painter from the South.