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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велика Плана
1 crkva svetog arhangela gavrila u rakincu 1385138613
2 spomenik u porti crkve svetog arhangela gavrila u rakincu 1385138616

The Church of Saint Archangel Gabriel in Rakinac was built in 1875 with a merit to a priest Miloš Ilić.

The church belongs to the single nave type of buildings with rectangular base. It is divided into a nave extended to an altar apse and a belfry in the east created above the west church narthex. A modest façade decoration consists of pitch garlands, arched profile in stucco plaster above single lancet windows and a blind oculus in the west narthex. The west and the north portal are particularly accented by their projecting outward from the wall and by designing a tympanum at the top.

The altar space is partitioned from the Classist designed iconostasis. The icons on it were painted bz an artist of slightlz more modest skills, in oil on board technique.

A fresco - painting of minor artistic values was made by an unknown painter in 1925 in al secco technique.

In the memory of  fallen soldiers in liberation wars of Serbia from 1912-1918, a monument with a appealing sculptural design was erected in 1925; it is in a form of a canopy topped with a cross. Nearby the monument there is also a tombstone of the priest Miloš Ilić, credited with the church construction.