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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велико Градиште
Crkva svetog arhangela gavrila u velikom gradistu (1)
Crkva svetog arhangela gavrila u velikom gradistu (2) 1388750676 Crkva svetog arhangela gavrila u velikom gradistu (3) 1388750679

The church of Saint Archangel Gabriel in Veliko Gradište was built in the period between 1852 and 1854 in place of an older sacral building. It is located in Veliko Gradište center in the main town square.

It is designed in Classicist style with an application of Renaisance and Romanticist elements. In base, it is a single – nave building with an altar apse in the east, side choir apses and a bell tower in the west. Spatially it is divided into a single altar, a nave with semicircular choirs and a narthex with gallery above which there is a bell tower. The façade decoration features with architectural elements design in a form of a cordon garland and multi – profiled roof garland, reclining pilasters, details in a form of a tympanum set above the single – lancet windows. A special attention is paid to west façade design, starting from the portal with accentuated triangular tympanum carried by the reclining pilasters, through painted niches to a single – lancet window and a bell tower at the top.

Immediately after the construction in 1856 it was fresco – painted by Jovan Isailović Junior and Dimitrije Posniković. Twenty – eight icons on the iconostasis designed in Classicist style from 1901 were painted by Nastas Stefanović.

The church in Veliko Gradište  has valuable examples of icons, liturgical books and plates as well as pieces of church movables. A particularly valuable painting unit is exhibited in Parish House and it consists of icons from the old iconostasis from 1832-1834, the work of zograph Mihailo Kostić – Konstantinović Anastas.