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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Петровац
Crkva svetog arhangela mihaila u setonjama 1388763454
Stara skola u setonjama 1388763457 Staro groblje pored crkve u setonjama 1388763460

The Church of Saint Archangel Michael in Šetonje was built in 1829 with that the narthex and a bell tower were additionally built. Milutin Godjevac is cited as its master – mason. It is located not far away from the village center on to road towards Veliko Laole together with the old school building and the cemetery.  It is designed in the Classicist style as a single – nave building with an altar apse in the east, a smaller side choir apses and a bell tower in the west. Spatially it is divided into a single altar space, a nave with shallow semicircular choir spaces and a narthex with a gallery and a bell tower. The façade decoration is extremely modest and implies mostly the west front design with accentuated entrance portal, architectural elements in a form of pilasters, single lancet windows, oculus and a massive bell tower at the top. Other facades decoration features only with single lancet windows. The icons on the altar partition and the fresco – painting are of a later date. The church keeps valuable examples of icons, liturgical books and plates.

The old school building with two rooms and a porch was built in 1859. It is located in the port, to the north of the church. Today it is renovated, and was used as a parish house for some time.

To the southeast of the church an old cemetery was formed during XVIII and XIX century. Since the tombstones were hewn in extremely porous grainy sandstone, they were ruined by time. They keep no inscription saved, and a geometrical ornament – most frequently in a shape of a cross - is discernable only on few.