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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велика Плана
1 crkva svetog georgija u novom selu 1385139068
2 crkva svetog georgija u novom selu 1385139070

The Church of Saint George in Novo Selo was built in 1893.

It was designed in a Romanticism style as a single nave building with an altar in the east, a nave with side choirs, and a narthex with a gallery and bell tower in the west. Façade decoration is divided into zones by deriving multiple profiled roof and three pitch garlands, one of which follows the arched contour of single lancet windows and oculus, whereas the other follows the contour under the roof garland by which it defines the zone with details in a shape of blind oculi and squares designed in plaster. A special attention was paid to the arrangement of the west façade – starting from the portal covered with a small roof gable porch, to the designing of two blind semicircular arched niches and oculus, to a double lancet window at the top of a massive bell tower.

The icons on the iconostasis partition were painted by two unknown painters in oil on canvas technique laid on a wooden base.

The church holds valuable examples of liturgical books, plates and pieces of ecclesiastical movables.

In the memory of fallen soldiers from this area who died in the Serbia 1912-1918 liberation battles, an obelisk monument in grey marble was erected in the port.