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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Мало Црниће
1 crkva svetog ignjatija bogonosca u malom crnicu 1387988532
2 crkva svetog ignjatija bogonosca u malom crnicu 1387988535 Zvonik  crkve svetog ignjatija bogonosca u malom crnicu 1387988538

The Monument of Culture (1984)

The Church of Saint Ignjatije the God-Bearer in Malo Crniće was built in 1892 thanks to industrialist Anton I. Bajloni, as witnessed by the marble plaque inscription above the western portal. From it we find out that the church was completed in 12 July 1892, and solemnly consecrated by Metropolitan Mihailo in 18 September 1894.
It is made in Hansen style designed by architect Svetozar Ivačković as single-nave building with a free cross base. Spatially it is divided into the altar apse on the east, the nave with rectangular choir spaces and the small narthex with a gallery on the west. The facade decoration is characterized by a clear impact of Hansen School with the use of polychromy or combination of ochre and so called "Pompeii red".  The use of quadruple lanced window made of white marble on side facades, the west port with portico shaped as canopy and the dome which rises above the crossing and rests on a round dome ring with narrow single lanced window intermitting with blind niches are typical for the architect Ivačković.

Extremely valuable artistic work are the ten icons arranged in three zones on the lower altar rail made in the classical style by one of the most important representatives of Serbian Romanticism Steva Todorović and the painters from his workshop. The frescoes in the church are the work of the painter Dominik.

The church has valuable examples of icons, liturgical books, plates and pieces of church furniture. Among movable icons those of special value are: two donors’ icons of Ana and Anton Bajloni, the icon of the Ascension of the Mother of God, the work of Živa Radak from 1894 which was donated by Stojan Stojićević and the icon of the Holy Trinity the work of the artist Živko Pavlović from Požarevac. In the port there are the bell tower built in 1906 and the monument to the soldiers fallen in the Serbia liberation wars between 1912 and1918.