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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Голубац
Crkva svetog nikole u golupcu 1388602746

The church of Saint Nicola in Golubac was built around 1840 in the place of an older log church from XVIII century. During the 80s of XX century it suffered modifications by additional building of a narthex with a bell tower. It is located not far away from the town center and road Belgrade – Kladovo.

It is of a single – nave base with an altar apse in the east, smaller side choir apses and a bell tower in the west. Spatially it is divided into a single part altar, a nave with shallow semicircular choirs and a narthex above which there is a bell tower. Façade decoration is extremely modest and is brought down to roof garland profiling, pilasters set as corner reinforcement, a simple design of window holes and portals. The fresco – painting on the altar partition are of a later date.

The church keeps valuable examples of icons, liturgical books and plates, as well as pieces of church movables. Icons from an old iconostasis particularly stand out and are painted by Andrija Dijak in 1847.