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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велико Градиште
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The church of Saint Nicola in Kisiljevo represents one of the rare objects made of impregnated soil preserved in Serbia. It was built in the first half of XIX century and is located in the village center.

The church dimensions are: 15,41m in length, 6,85m in width, 9,80m in height. It is of an elongated single – nave base with a spacious altar apse in the east and smaller semicircular additionally built side choirs. Choir gallery is also additionally built in the west part of the nave and is carried by profiled wooden pillars. The interior of the church is divided into an altar and a nave which are arched with a “shashovac” barrel vault. Originally it was covered with reed, while today its roof is covered with reclaimed roof tile.

The construction of altar partition is wooden, of simple design with painted floral decoration. The icons on the iconostasis have great value and are the work of famous painters from the time of knez Miloš. Imperial Door and throne icons are the work of Arsenije Jakšić from 1826, while the north and south Doors and the other icons of the iconostasis are the work of Živko Pavlović.

The church underwent certain changes in 1981 when static rehabilitation with reinforced concrete vertical and horizontal ring beams cut – in  into church walls and church reconstruction. This reconstruction returned the church its original roof appearance which is fit for reed with its sloped planes. The outside and inside wall surfaces are plastered and the church is shrunk with steel weights.

In 1928, the locals erected a monument to fallen soldiers in the War between 1912 and 1919. It is in a shape of black granite obelisk set on a pyramidal stand, while at the top there is a remaining bronze statue of eagle with spread wings. After the Second World War the church port was shrunk by pulling back of the fence so the monument is now in the public property.