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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Мало Црниће
Crkva svetog preobrazenja u sapinama 1387988893
Ikona bogoridice sa malim hristom iz crkve u sapinama 1387988896

The Monument of Culture (1969/1990)

The Church of Holy Transfiguration in Šapine was built in the village centre at the end of the fifth decade of the nineteenth century. In base it is a single-nave building, with the altar apse in the east, smaller side choir apses and bell tower in the west. Spatially it is divided  into the altar, the nave and narthex. It was built in half-timbered construction with mud composite, adobe bricks and pieces of tile, plastered and whitewashed. The facades are flat, without the use of architectural decoration except for the roof garlands.

The wooden iconostasis with thirty – four icons are arranged in three zones  and were painted by the zograph with meager painting skills 1870/71, as donors’ inscription witness. The church has valuable examples of icons, liturgical books and plates. Extremely valuable work is the icon of the Virgin and the little Christ from 1767th years, the work of the zograph from the south, painted in tempera on wood technique, which was originally established as a historic monument in 1969.

In the memory of the soldiers from this region fallen in Serbia liberation wars between 1912 and 1918, in 1921 a monument in the form of a white Venčac marble obelisk was built in the yard.