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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедеревска Паланка
Crkva sv preobrazenja u smed  palanc
Crkva sv preobrazenja u smed  palanci (2) 1386173977 Crkva sv preobrazenja u smed  palanci (3) 1386173980

The church of Holy Transfiguration in Smederevska Palanka, as one of the Serbian sacral architecture typical examples at the end of XIX century, belongs to the most significant objects of architectural heritage in this area. Even though it is more widely known today as an accomplishment of an architect Svetozar Ivačković, his engagement was focused only on the façade redecoration in the “Hansen” style. 

It is a longitudinal single nave base building, divided into an altar space, a nave with choir widening in the pre-nave space in the north and south, and a narthex with a gallery and a bell tower. The façade decoration is featured with an accentuated double - belt plinth, a stylized plaster design in a regular brick lay, a blind arcades frieze under the roof garland with an accent on three cupolas above the nave and choirs together with a slender bell tower above the narthex. Hansen style is most prominent in breaking the façade monotony by applying carved white stone entrance porticos with a canopy and double lancet, triple lancet and quadruple lancet windows and a rosette.

The fresco – painting and the icons on the iconostasis are the work of Steva Todorović in 1902-1903, one of the most significant representatives of Serbian Romanticism, with his wife Poleksija and other painters from his painter workshop. The choice of the designed compositions topics, made in oil on primed base technique, is in compliance with the symbolism of the space, thus together with the Biblical topic and historical topic scenes, one can find parade portraits of secular and ecclesiastical dignitaries. The iconostasis of the town church belongs to the high, rich iconostases type with neo – Classicist elements. Out of forty – one icons arranged in four zones, there are thirty – eight painted by Steva Todorović.

The church holds valuable examples of icons, liturgical books, plates and church movables.