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Crkva svetog proroka ilije u mihajlovcu 1383141354

The Church of Saint Prophet Elijah in Mihajlovac was raised in 1873 as an endowment of a merchant Petar Radanović Brdar. Above the west portal there is a marble  plate with an inscription  “This Holy Temple of God to the Honor and Glory of Saint Prophet Elijah was built by Petar Radanović from Mihajlovac with his own donation and with the municipality material 300 000 thousand pieces of brick and  22 thousand eye of lime with podvoz. On the day of 20th July, 1873“.

The church was built as a single nave construction, spatially divided into a nave, externally pentagonal and internally semicircular altar apse in the east, two choir apses in the north and south and the narthex with the choir and a bell tower in the west - all attached to the nave. The church façade is characterized by modest decoration of roof garlands and red brick details around vault ends on the window holes.

On the south wall church plinth there is a red marble tombstone with an inscription: „Christian! Under this stone lies the body of Petar Radanović in the tomb: of Mihailovac and never forgotten patron in the unity with his wife Petrija and entire family, on the right side of this holy temple they rest. Died at the age of 65 of his life on December 30th, year 1880“ .

A valuable painting unit are the icons on the iconostasis partition, painted by several artists, as said in donors’ inscriptions from the year 1873. According to some data the icons in the zone of parapet were the work of Aca or Živa Radak.

Mihajlovac church has valuable liturgical books and plates. A chalice stands out – the work of Vienesse goldsmith Đorđe Jovanović -  a gift to the church from Mihailo Obrenović  in 1836.