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1 crkva sv proroka jeremije u vrbovcu 1383141840
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The Church Of Saint Prophet Jeremiah is in Vrbovac village center in a spacious fenced church yard. It was built in 1939 as a memorial church with an ossuary where the remains of XI regiment of  Šumadija I call division soldiers were transferred; they were bravely fallen in the battles of Vrbovac slopes and Cerjak in October, 1915. Historical circumstances lead it not only to be a lasting memory of the  fallen soldiers in the battle of Vrbovac slopes and Cerjak, but also a memory of the people and war events from 1912-1918, with the witnessing three black marble memorial plaques.

It is designed in the Morava school style of Serbian medeival architecture. Its base is a  triconche  building of a simple type with one dome. It was made by adding  three apses from the east, south and north side to the cross – in rectangular base. This way, a compact unit,  with an altar area in the east, the nave with the dome,  two choirs in the north and south side and the nathex below a gallery with a bell tower and the dome in the west, was created. Under the altar area, there is a memorial ossuary. This is a small room of a semicircular base, with the size same as the altar apse; its entrance is a hole in the nave floor. The church was built in brick and lime plaster, it was plastered and whitewashed. The red color was used to accent particular architectural and decorative elements.  The decorative processing of the facades is taken from the model of traditional medieval architecture of Morava style group (horizontal and vertical elevation, polychromy, decorative plastic).  

The wall painting and the icons on the iconostasis partition of Vrbovac church are the work of the academic painter Andrei Bitsenko who was hired to paint it during 1938.