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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Мало Црниће
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The Monument of Culture (1986)

Saint Toma church in Boževac was built in 1890/93, in the village center and according to the project of an architect Svetozar Ivačković. It was designed in Hansen style as a single dome building of a free cross base and a bell tower in the west. Spatially it is divided into an altar, a nave and narthex with a gallery above which there is a bell tower.  The facades decoration is featured with the Hansen school influence, beginning with white marble quadruple lancet windows and a blind arcades frieze under the roof garland, through the design of west portal with a canopy – shaped portico and a dome whose dome ring surrounds a line of narrow single lancet windows intermitting with blind niches. Typical cascading of the masses towards the dome as the highest point and clear definition of a free cross base is less conspicuous owing to the high bell tower in the west.

The nave is divided from the altar space with a Classicist style iconostasis. All the icons were painted in 1896 by an unknown painter of academic education, except The Last Supper, dated back to 1927. Some of the icons have donors’ inscriptions which show that the church had been donated with two throne icons of Jesus and Virgin Mary with small Christ by industrialists Anton and Ignjat Bajloni. The church holds valuable examples of icons, liturgical books, plates and church movables.

In the memory of fallen soldiers in the First World War, in 1922 a dark marble obelisk - shaped monument was erected in the church port.