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Crkva sv trifuna u klicevcu (1) 1386871290
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The church of Saint Trifun was built in 1902 on a hillside of the village center Kličevac in place of an older sacral building from 1830. It was constructed in the Morava architectural style which, in the first decades of XX century served as an example for building temples in Braničevo eparchy.

The church has a single dome and an elongated triconche base with a nartex. The dome with an octagonal dome drum rests on a cubical pedestal. Spatially the church is divided into an altar, nave with two quires and a narthex with a choir. A square bell tower rises above the nartex. The facades are split with shallow pilasters which connect the blind arcades frieze under the cornice. Warm shades of beige and white together with terracotta details were used during the facades painting. The west temple entrance is of a rich type with two massive pillars carrying the tympanum roof topped with a cross. Above the portal there is a huge arched two-light window. Inside its lunette there is a medallion with inscribed year of the temple erection.

Initially the church held a low altar partition with throne icons of Arsenije Jakšić from 1820, presumably transferred from the older church.  Thirteen icons painted with temepera on panel were preserved and still kept in he church. Today's iconostasis belongs to the type of high altar partitions and it bears twenty - seven icons arranged in three zones. The icons are the work of an unknown author and with no significant artistic value where some hold donors’ inscriptions. The church keeps a number of old and valuable liturgical books and objects.

In the port vicinity, in 1923 a monument was erected in the memory of a famous Karađorođe's duke from Kličevac – Milenko Stojković.