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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Жабари
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The Church of Holy Ascension in Žabari was built in 1874 in the settlement centre, near the Požarevac – Svilajnac road.  It was designed in the Classicist style and it is a single – nave building with an altar apse extended into an east aisle, side conchal choirs and a bell tower in the west.  Spatially it is divided into an altar, nave and a narthex with a gallery, above which there is a bell tower. A modest façade decoration features with architectural elements design in a form of a roof and pitch garland and high, arched single lancet windows.  While the side facades are simple and composed, the west façade is designed more richly and it is highlighted with a slender bell tower at the top.

A particularly valuable painting unit is an iconostasis partition designed in a Classicist style with Baroque – rococo gilded decoration. The icons on it were painted by Dimitrije Posniković during the eight decade of XIX century.  Posniković or a painter from his workshop is contributed with a composition Mother of God in Glory on the altar space vault. The remaining fresco – painting is in a church of a later date. This work belongs to artist Dušan Mojsilović – Sid from 1988 and was painted over severely damaged compositions of Todor Farafanov from 1938.

The church keeps a few movable icons as well as a number of liturgical items and books from XIX century.

In the port there is a monument erected in memory of fallen soldiers of the area in Serbia liberation wars between 1912 and 1918.