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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Кучево
Crkva svetog vaznesenja u kucevu 1387997583
Stari ikonostas crkve u kucevu 1387997586

The church of Holy Ascension in Kučevo was built in 1903/08 in the village center. Prior to it there was an older church built in 1832 “by the will and by help” of knez Miloš Obrenović a witness of which is an inscription above imperial Door of an old iconostasis.  

It was designed according to the project of an architect Dušan Živanović in Hansen style with a base shaped as isosceles Greek cross with one dome. Spatially it is divided into a single part altar in the east, a nave with rectangular conchal choirs and a small narthex in the west. The Hansen school influence on facade decoration reflects through the white marble window holes design in a shape of double lancet and quadruple lancet windows, west facade design with a portico in  a shape of canopz with a rosette, masses stepenovanje with a special accenton a dome.

The fresco ' painting and iconostasis in the church are of a later date.

The church keeps nice examples of icons, liturgical books and plates as well as pieces of church movables. A particularly valuable painting unit are icons from the church altar partition from 1832 which were moved to and exhibited in the Parish House in 2010 after the conservation – restoration works. Since there is no data on the painter who made them, some of the icons can be contributed to Požarevac painter Živko Pavlović according to stylistic and iconographic analysis.

Besides a few tombstones, the port keeps an obelisk – shaped monument mad eof grey marble, erected in memory of  звишке soldiers in the Liberation wars between 1912 and 1920.