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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велика Плана
Crkva svetog vaznesenja u starom selu (1) 1385139454
Crkva svetog vaznesenja u starom selu (2) 1385139458

The church of Holy Ascension in Staro Selo, former Stari Adžibegovac, was built in 1882/83.

It was designed in the Hansen style of and according to the project of an architect Svetozar Ivačković as a single dome building of a free cross base. Spatially, it is divided into a triple semicircular apse in the east, a nave with rectangular choirs and a small narthex in the west. It is vaulted with a barrel vault, at the intersection of which there is a nave constructed above. The style of Hansen school is detectable in façade processing: from the block-like structure and transparency of the outer surfaces to the inner space division to the typical single lancet, double lancet and tetra lancet windows.

Exceptionally valuable artistic units are the icons on iconostasis painted in 1885 by one of the most significant representatives of Serbian realistic painting  - Djordje Krstić.  The church has nice and valuable pieces of icons, liturgical books and plates as well as some pieces of ecclesiastical movables. In  1933, a monument in memory of fallen soldiers in The First World War was erected in its port.

Regional Institute for the monuments of culture protection was performing construction works on the church and the bell tower in the period between 2002 and 2004. The project of iconostasis conservation was laid out by the Regional Institute for the Belgrade monuments of culture protection in 2002, but to this day means for its construction works haven’t been provided.