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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедерево
1 crkva sv velikomucenika georgija u smederevu 1383142985
2 crkva sv velikomucenika georgija u smederevu 1383142986

The Church Of Saint Martyr George in Smederevo belongs to the biggest temples of XIX century Serbia. Built as a reminiscence of a medieval Serbian monument – the Church of Holy Trinity of Manasija Monastery – it represents a fine example of the peak of early Romanticist Historicism.

Its chef architect was a famous Macedonian architect and zograph Andreja Damjanov from Veles who built the church in the period between 1850 and 1854, according to a slightly altered blueprint of the architect Jan Nevole. Architecturally, it is a combination of triconche, a rich cross – in with five domes and ternate basilicas. The nave dominates the interior; there is a ternate altar area, conchal choirs on the north and south side with a narthex with a gallery on the west side attached to it. Above the gallery there is a bell tower  in Baroque style. The church façade is distinguished by a rich plastic decoration designed as a mix of Serbian medieval tradition, Baroque and Islamic influence.

Since it wasn’t depicted, as the first iconostasis got damaged during the First World War, the Church Board of Smederevo Municipality concluded a contract with Andrey V. Bitsenko  in 1935 on fresco-painting the temple and painting icons for iconostasis.

The fresco-painting and the icons on the iconostasis represent an extremely valuable artistic unit, stylistically given as a compromise solution between Serbian traditional religious painting, contemporary Divinity, Russian tradition and academic style.  The compositions Transfer of the Relics of Saint Lucas in Smederevo and  Sermon on the Mount draw a special attention within this unit as an idea with a strong historical and religious – political character, supplemented with portraits of authentic historical characters.