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The Monument of Culture Great importance Смедерево
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Great importance (1979)

Medieval church of Holy Mother Assumption is located in the central part of the Old Smederevo cemetery. Archeological findings in 1982 show that the temple was raised in the place of an older necropolis. Since there is no historical data indicating the patron and the time of the temple construction, its date is set upon the architectural style characteristics into the first half of  XV century; its wall paintings date back to  the end of  XVI century and the beginning of  XVII century.

The church belongs to the Morava style group of a single – dome churches, with the plan of an elongated triconch form. There is a dome above the crossing laying on the octagonal dome drum without the cubical base. The altar and side conchas are pentagonal from the outside with colonnettes supporting blind arcades, a motif appearing on the dome ring.  The facades are designed in a combination of brick and stone with antique spolia application. The building technique is different according to the zones which indicate a probability that they belong to different building periods. In the tympanum above the west portal showing the patron, it is not The Assumption of the Virgin that is depicted, but an indiscernible scene, thus hard to classify; this fact indicates that the dedication was altered over time.

The fresco – painting is done in all secco technique probably by the end of XVI century.  The dome shows Christ Pantocrator, Divine Liturgy and the Old Testament prophets. The vaults and upper zones depict Scenes from the Life of Christ and Scenes of Passion of Christ; below are the zones depicting saints.  In the standard program of fresco – painting there is an illustration of Psalm 148 and 149 standing out in the narthex nave, together with several medieval musical instruments.