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Spatial cultural – historical unit Great importance Петровац
Pkic bistrica
Stara kovacnica 1388763993 Valjavica tomasevica 1388763995 Vodenica joksimovica 1388763998 Vodenica marjanovica 1388764001 Vodenica milosevica 1388764004 Vodenica miljkovica 1388764007 Vodenica mladenovic zivote 1388764009 Vodenica tomasevica 1388764012 Vodenica zdravkovic dusana 1388764016 Crkva sv cara konstantina i ane 1388763990 1539856703

Village Bistrica belongs to the type of dense village settlements. It is located near a river of the same name and about 15km to the southeast of Petrovac.  The first preserved reference of the village can be found in the Knez Lazar Charter issued in the time of monastery Gornjak founding in 1387.

A specific location and natural conditions of this area created a unique rural unit consisting of residential and commercial buildings of national architecture. In Bistrica village area there are ten preserved water mills and three rolling mills from XIX century, a farm from XIX century, “crkvište” with an old monastery residues and a new church, an old village center with public facilities, as well as old log houses, semi – log houses, “chatam” houses and stone – built houses from XIX and the beginning of XХ century. The rural structure and partially preserved objects enable the track of historical development, the village expansion, objects architecture, their function and supplements.

Within the spatial cultural – historical unit there are  rolling mill Marjanović, rolling mill Tomašević, Novičić Milan’s mill, Nikolić Branislav’s mill, Milošević Radosav’s mill, Jović Ratko’s mill, Marjanović Miroslav mill, Miljković Milorad’s mill, Tomašević Brana’s mill, Mladenović Života’s mill, Zdravković Dušan’s mill, Joksimović  Dragutin’s mill, a church with “crkvište” from 1936, a rolling mill under the church, Tomašević Stojan farm, Antic Nevenka house, Savić Čeda house, local community building, old school building, Stevanović Miroslav house, Živanović Stana house, Stefanović Natalija house with auxiliary buildings and Nikolić Života tavern building.

Uтврђивању this rural spatial cultural – historical unit was preceded by proclaiming rolling mill Tomašević in Bistrica as a monument of culture in 1982.