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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Пожаревац
01 kuca sa doksatom   doksat 1386871593
02 kuca sa doksatom   izgled 1386871595 03 kuca sa doksatom   osnova 1386871597 04 donja kuca   izgled pre rekonstrukcije sa zazidanim tremom 1386871598 05 donja kuca   izgled trema danas 1386871600

In the old part of Požarevac in Nemanjina Street – a representative of one of the oldest inherited communications in the city – there were two houses of duke Petar Dobrnjac (1771-1828). Born in Dobrnja, he was the leader of insurrections in Požarevac area during the First Serbian Insurrection and together with Milenko Stojković and vožd Karađorđe he participated in liberating Požarevac form the Turks. He was particularly outstanding in the battle of Ivankovac in 1805, when he was honored with a rank of a duke bz the Soviet. Until he left Serbia in 1811, he had lived in Požarevac. Up to the end of XX century the houses of Petar Dobrnjac were the of the city's architecture last remaining examples of the times before the First Serbian Insurrecton in Požarevac. In the last decade of XX century, one house was brought down whereas the latter, younger one was renovated.

„The upper house“ aka mutvak (Arab.- kitchen), had a porch on the north side which was rounded up with an elevated doksat; underneath it there was a formed entrance to the cellar. It was built on the brick foundations in half – timbered construction with a complex tile covered roof. Central room, called the “house” was dominating the space and there were two more rooms and a “magaza” storeroom with an entrance from the outside. The house dimensions with the doksat were 14,17х6,55m.

The other, so called “Lower House” is a ground floor building constructed on brick foundations in half – timbered construction and four – sloped roof covered with tile. The base type and construction style suggest that it belongs to a later development phase in comparison to the house and doksat. Initially it used to have a porch in the north subsequently walled up; afterwards, during the restoration by the end of XX century the house was given back its own authentic appearance. The “Lower House” keeps a painted shashovac ceiling as a rarity. This house dimensions are 14,20х9,70m.

Both houses keep authentic movables, to this day presented in the renovated “Lower House” where the Požarevac Museum historical exhibition is held under the name Petar Dobrnjac Fund.