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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедеревска Паланка
1 grob i spomenik stanoja glavasa u banicini

The grave of Stanoje Stamatović Glavaš is located in the Baničina church port, in the north of the temple entrance. Originally, Stanoje Glavaš was buried in the location of his death - in the Maskar spring, in a place called Glavaš’s cemetery but in May 1902, eighty – seven years after his death and ten years after the Baničina church had been built, his grateful descendants transferred this hero’s bones into a new tomb in the port and erected a new monument to him.

Stanoje Glavaš was born in 1763 in Glibovac village. He was a widely – known highwayman, the duke of Smederevo nahija and one of the most prominent heads in the First Serbian Insurrection.  He was recognized in the battles at Deligrad, Toplica and Prokuplje, as well as during the Belgrade siege. When the Hadži – Prodan’s Revolt against the Turks in 1814 burst out, Glavaš was in collusion with the rebels and helped Hadži – Prodan to flee across the Danube when the Revolt was suppressed with the help of Miloš Obrenović. This is why the Belgrade vizier Sulejman Pasha Skopljak ordered for Stanoje Glavaš to be executed. The execution took place on February, 13th 1815 in Košarnja, that is today’s Baničina.

Stanoje Glavaš was lauded in numerous old national songs which praise his bravery. As one of the most significant persons in the First Serbian Insurrection he was an inspiration for great Djura Jakšić to write a historical drama “Stanoje Glavaš”.