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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Петровац
Kameni most u burovcu (1) 1388781825
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Stone bridge, over the Burovac River is located on the road leading from village Burovac towards Petrovac na Mlavi. This historically important road used to connect old Constantinople road with Gornjak gorge and further on with Majdanpek and Bor, large mining centers. Random archaeological findings in the bridge vicinity as well as archive material research have confirmed that there used to be an old bridge on this site long before building this Stone Bridge. To prove the thesis upon this older bridge occurrence which used to stand in place of the existing one and whose foundations served for Stone Bridge to be built on in 1910, as a word of say by the locals – there is a historical importance of the bridge location implying this. Relatively narrow but rather deep Burovac riverbed is bridged with a construction of 18.50m long and 4.70m wide. The bridge structure consists of two arched holes for water flow and one carrying pole set between them. Above the water flow gap there are barrel vaults, attached to river banks from both sides. In the middle of the bridge the vaults are attached to the central pole with angled reinforcement in a shape of a beak. This reinforcement serves to break the strong water flow. The bridge is designed of regular, finely treated stone cubes of even dimensions and sizes. All couplings – both the radial ones at the vault fronts and the touch couplings at the bottom vault surface (the vault ceiling) – are designed with precision and filled with plaster. With both vaults, the intrados and extrados lines are regular and precise, and all couplings are properly connected. Functionally speaking, the abutments of the vaults are accentuated with specially processed stone blocks of trapezoidal cross – section. The vaults end with horizontal pitch garlands of rectangular cross – section which simultaneously separates the bridge fence designed of slim cascaded stone blocks from the finishing layer of cobbled pavement.  

Even though it belongs to a younger group of stone bridges of this type, the constructional solution of the bridge over the Burovac River stands out with its specifically designed composition of vault masses carried by the central pole, with a specific construction of suprastructure ( form one vault boss to another vault boss) and typical vertical alignment.

Apart from the Old stone Bridge in Smederevska Palanka which is completely buried today, the bridge over the Burovac River represents the only preserved stone bridge on the territory of Braničevo and Podunavlje.