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The Building Complex of the Milosavljević Family is one of the rare examples of a completely preserved village household XIX century and is a unique small ethno museum of building types and construction designs in this area during one century. The Milosavljević Family is one of the oldest in Drugovac who passed on their land –  first for constructing a church, and  later for the needs of a school building. It is certain that the new house was built by Živa Milosavljević, but as he didn’t have any descendants, the building complex was inherited by Veronica Clofnner. At the time of determining  the household as a cultural heritage she was its  owner, thus her name too is mentioned in some records. As she did not have any descendants as well, the building complex came back  into the possession of the Milosavljević Family – the descendants of  Živa’ s brother - after her death. 

The building complex consists of several facilities: two houses – one built in the beginning and another by the end of XIX century, a mill warehouse, wicker corn crib, rakia cellar, a furnace and a stable.

THE OLD HOUSE, built at the beginning of XIX century is of rectangular base 13,90х9,12m, of half-timbered construction, covered with tile. The base is of rich type and the peculiarity of the house is that it has two opposite doors still remaining there. Initially it had a big porch which was later closed.

THE NEW HOUSE, built between 1891 and 1892, is of rectangular base 16,20х12,70m, it represents a type of a town building, mostly built by wealthy village people by the end of XIX century. It has an elevated ground floor, a cellar beneath one part of the building which is covered with the reclaimed roof tiles.  The rooms have preserved painted ceilings.

MILL WAREHOUSE was built in the middle of XIX century. It is of rectangular base 14,00х5,60m built with oak planks on an elevated base. The reclaimed roof tile is double – sloped.

WICKER CORN CRIB was built in the middle of XIX century. Its base is 7,98х2,13m, with a porch 7,98х3,30m. The half-timbered construction is of the wickerwork composite with an elevated brick base.

RAKIA CELLAR was built in the middle of XIX century. Its dimensions are 12,60х9,60m. It is constructed as the watchtower building, later covered with reclaimed roof tile.

FURNACE was built in the middle of XIX century with 5,30х4,00m dimensions. The half-timbered construction is of brick composite. Inside it there is a small bricked furnace used for baking bread.

STABLE was built in approximately the same period as the new house was. It was built with brick and served for keeping the riding horses.