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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велико Градиште
Stara elektrana na reci pek u velikom gradistu  (1) 1388751268
Stara elektrana na reci pek u velikom gradistu (2) 1388751271 Stara elektrana na reci pek u velikom gradistu (3) 1388751274 Akcije gradistanskog elektricnog i industrijskog drustva 1388751276

The Old Power Plant complex was built in the period between 1909 and 1914. By the order of building this was the thirteenth power plant constructed in Serbia of that time. After the construction was done, it had the power of 120 hp. The complex which represents a completed production system, consists of a dam, supply and drainage canals, main hall and administrative building. Under the dam which was built from wood there is a staircase system made from concrete. Dam shutters are made from wooden planks. Their lifting and lowering regulate the accumulating water level. A special concrete canal conducted water from the accumulation to the turbine in the main hall. Through the drainage canal the water returned into the power plant hydro system. The main, operating hall is built from brick and constructed by following all rules for construction of that type of an object. Except the turbine, there was a control console and an area with a substation room and electric power distribution inside of it. For the need of the interior to be free, the roof construction is designed by application of sloping “chairs” and steel ties. The hall interior is lit with a system of huge façade holes and elevated roof windows. From the east side of the main hall there is administrative building reclining on it; it was built from brick and designed as a storey object. The building has a complex roof, elevated slender roof windows and is covered with reclaimed roof tile. The rooms on the upper floor have sloped ceilings which follow the geometry of roof planes. The old power plant was working until 1960. Today the complex is deteriorated and derelict. System constructions, equipment and the plant are disassembled and completely removed, the water supply canal system is completely derelict due to the lack of use, and the land within the complex is completely adrift and left to effects of nature. The originally built construction fund has been well –kept to this day.