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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Петровац
1stara posta u petrovcu (1) 1388765872
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On the right river bank of the Mlava River, on a terrain across Svinje village there is a village founded in 1859 and it soon became a town Petrovac. The settlement got its name after that time’s state counselor Petrović – a personal friend of knjaz Miloš. An administrative center of Mlava County was built in the period between 1900 and 1908 in the town center. This complex of dimensions extensive especially for the time of its occurrence, consisted of an administrative building of First Instance Court, Municipality and Post office.

COURT BUILDING was built in a massive constructional system with walls designed in brick walls. It consists of a cellar, elevated ground floor, upper floor and attic system. The functional – organizational scheme of this object is based on angled arrangement of the main entrance and centrally set staircase which branches out into side, street tracts of accentuated horizontal elevation. The horizontal line is placated by forming an oval front of somewhat heavier proportions at the meeting point of the two street tracts. Above the front pitch garland as the architectural dominant of the object and side avant - corpses which accentuate this dominant by their position, there is a design of an elegant attic with wrought iron elements. Regarding the stylistic features, the court building was planned and designed in accordance with basic principles of academism with a simultaneous application of trial and appeal decorative plastic designed in Secession style.

According to the purpose of a building, the complete artistic and architectural façade expression show the harmonious relation between representative artistry and calm strictness was entirely achieved.

MUNICIPALITY BUILDING is designed according to the same architectural principle and with the same functional – organizational scheme, mutual proportions, geometrical conception and decorative plastic as applied on Court building façade design. In comparison to its symmetry axis of the space where the complex is located and which is perpendicular to the Srpskih Vladara Street, the Municipality building was constructed on the regulation lines of the Srpskih Vladara and Davorjanke Paunović according to the same architectural principles as the ones applied to the Court building which almost makes them mutual mirror reflections.

Regarding the artistry and form, the Municipality building has defined the essence of the administrative buildings complex architectural homogeneity, which is completed by the construction of the Old Post Office building.

OLD POST OFFICE BUILDING is located between two street tracts of Court and Municipality buildings so that it closed the street side of that block.  The functional – organizational object plan shows an almost square form base. A heavy form that could result from the base form and full vertical dimensions of the object is yet harmoniously eased with a deep set – back of the central part of the floor from the street towards inward of the block. By a skillfully performed wall shear, the ground floor has a shallow central avant – corps above which there is a big open balcony. Together with the avant – corps this balcony represents the main architectural dominant and it is designed identically to the roof attics of the Court and Municipality buildings. In a sense of stylistically defined features, the Old Post Office building both follows the rule of Academism and is designed in a Secession style, homogenous with the Court and Municipality building. With its construction, a stylistic harmonization of all objects located within the complex is carried out.