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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Кучево
Kuca pante grujica u ceremosnji 1387998435
Osnova kuce pante grujica 1387998436

Not far away from the village center, in the main village street there is a house of Panta Grujić. In relation to street regulation line it is set back into the land parcel and has a rectangular base. According to the data written on the house facades above the entrance door and windows, it was built in 1900, and the architect was Milan Piroćanac.

This is a ground floor house, of base dimensions 11,20 х 5,35m. It was constructed on crushed stone foundations in half – timbered construction filled with “chatam“. The interior and exterior wall surfaces are plastered with mud mortar and whitewashed. The facades do not have any ornamental plastic. A four – sloped roof is covered with tile.

The house interior is divided into three rooms. The “house” is in the center, and both to the left and right there is one more room. The floors of all three rooms are made of impregnated soil. The ceiling is made of oak planks – roof beams of a different composite. Between the roof beams in “the house” there is “shashovac” while “kolenika” in the rooms is plastered with mud mortar.

Architecturally, this monument of culture has kept all features of traditional national architecture from the beginning of XX century. It is a representative of a three – part house without a porch whose rooms were have been furnished with material culture objects.

No one resides in the house for a long time now, so the damage on the carpentry and plastering works on the façade walls is noticeable.