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Kuca jovana rajica u malom laolu (1) 1388766214
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Jovan Rajić’s house was built on demand of Života Rajić in the second half of XIX century in Gornja mahala of Malo Laole village. It was built on a slightly sloped terrain, at the highest point of a fenced yard and it is set – back towards the inside of the yard where other constructed economical objects are located.

For the time of its occurence the house had a big base in a form of  regular rectangle with 12м х 8m dimensions. The house entirely lies on massive oak foundation beams which  are laid dry over the foundation crowns made of unprocessed stone and bound with lime and mud mortar. The house belongs to the “plank“ house type with a  half – timpbered construction. Carrying wooden poles which make basic constructional house elements are stuck in the foundation beams and together with so called “venčnica” joists make a kind of a skeletal system. The wall composite between the pillars is made of scraped oak planks of equal dimensions and processing quality. The roof construction is wooden, the roof is four – sloped, the roof planes are gently sloped, and the roof is covered with tile. Regarding the spatial functional organization this object belongs to a “rich” house of national architecture form the second half of XIX century. It consists of centrally set space – a so called “house” with a floor designed with brick and two rooms symmetrically positioned relating the house with their floors made of impregnated soil. Partition walls located between the “house” and rooms space across one another are designed with an open fire place and brick furnace. Along the entire the central “house” space there is a bricked floor porch in front of it. The porch leads into an auxiliary room “ćiler“pantry which as an extention to the room, closes the porch with its longer side. A precise and somewhat refined design for the time together with entirely achieved quality of the designed works shows that the constructors known as “Bulgarians” were masters of their craft.

When the house was built it represented the reflection of a wealthy Serbian village household. Today, due to interventions unprofessionally made and unplanned partitioning in a “modern” manner, designed with contemporary materials, the original architecture and artistic – formal features of Jovan Rajić house are completely devastated. Thus, due to preventing the house from further devastation and saving it as a valuable example of national architecture, it is crucial to return its original architectural values and monumental features which this house authentically used to possess.