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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедеревска Паланка
1kuca nikolajevica sa apotekom u azanji

Family Nikolajević’s house is placed right in the center of Azanja town. As the only pharmacist at that time in Azanja,  Aleksandar Nikolajević had built family house with pharmacy on the ground floor. The project was done by Prof. Aleksandar Deroko year 1928-1929, the witness of which are preserved drawings and letters in the family archive.

The house was built in a time of intensive restoration of Serbian national style in architecture, so it represents typical example of an object intended for family housing designed by Aleksandar Deroko as one of the most important representative of traditional architecture and crafts. So, here he applied a solution on which strong influence of folk masonry from Pomoravlje is perceived. The house has a plane shape, has a basement, a ground floor and an upper floor, with a pharmacy on the ground floor. The street facade is designed as stepwise pull-back parts of facade, so that the central, protruding part is emphasized with an entrance to the pharmacy with large windows on both sides, while upstairs is a porch with five Morava arches. The architect insisted on details like lanterns, gutters, chimneys, as well as descriptions to paint the carpentry with dark green, to spray facade with yellowish, and to take “Turkish” roof tile.

The Nikolajević family had lived in this house until the pharmacist retired in 1959. By changing its owner the house has partly changed its appearance, above all in the details and the facade processing.