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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Жагубица
1kuca radoja gligorijevica u ribarima 01 1387993306

The old house of Radoje Gligorijević from the second half of XIX century was located in the Ribari village center, but has recently been brought down.

The house was built on a slope and in a big yard, set perpendicular to the sloped terrain which makes it characteristic for such two – part mountainous house types, not so well – known in East Serbia. It was built on high crushed stone foundations in half – timbered construction with a semi – hewn oak planks composite. The four – sloped roof is covered with tile. All rooms are with floors made of impregnated soil, while in “the house” the roof was made of “shashovac” and in the room it was plastered and whitewashed. The main façade had a dominating long porch with wooden pillars. One door led directly to the central room, a so called “house” which extended further into a big guest room. On the porch there was a widening from which the other door led to an auxiliary room “stasina” which served as a pantry for various things – from crockery to vats and tools. “The house” had an open fireplace with a chain holder, a chest “dolap” with shelves and wooden coat hangers on the walls.  The base dimensions are 11,10х5,10m.

This object represents a fine example of our national architecture, the rich type of a house from the second half of XIX century; unfortunately it was brought down.