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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Мало Црниће
Kuca stamenke zivkovic u malom gradistu (1) 1387989613
Kuca stamenke zivkovic u malom gradistu (2) 1387989615

The Monument of Culture (1986)

In a village area Malo Gradište, in a hamlet Kut there is an old family house Živković, built in the second half of XIX century. The main, south façade of the house is positioned towards the street. It is of a rectangular base, 8,10x4,50m in dimension. It was built in a half – timbered construction with an impregnated soil composition, and then on both sides plastered with mud and whitewashed. The foundation is made of unprocessed stone, over which foundation joists are layered and stuck in on the corners. The ceiling above the “house”, big room, and the porch id made of “shashovac” while in the smaller room made of “kolenika”, plastered with mud and whitewashed, there are impregnated soil floors. The roof is four – sloped roof covered with tile.

The old Živković house is a typical representative of a Serbian three - part house with a small porch. The spatial organization is based on a traditional room arrangement with a central room, a so called “house” and two other rooms. In the south side of the house there is a central porch with one non – molding pillar. Under the porch there are two entrances – one for the “house” which leads to the big room, and the other entrance to a smaller room.  The rooms equipped with traditional and material culture items complete the monumental values of this old house.