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1kuca vukasina milosevica u kucajni 1387999126

Vukašin Milošević’s House is located near the Kučajna center on a sloped terrain in its owner’s house set – back in relation to the road that connects Kučajna and Ceremošnja. There is no reliable data on the construction period. It is assumed that it was built around 1830.

The house consists of an elevated ground floor and a cellar which is partiallz ditched into the terrain.  Its base is shaped as a Cyrillic letter “G”. The walls are constructed in half – timber and filled with “chatam”. They are reclining on foundations made of crushed stone. The roof is of complex construction and covered with tile.

Spatially, the house is two – part with an elongated roof extended into a sitting room “divanhan” in one part under which there is a cellar entrance. On the roof there are wooden profiled pillars and “shashovac” fence. The ground level is connected with the terrain through the porch with massive side stone staircase. The ground floor interior is divided into “the house” and a room while in the cellar there is one room.

A simple spatial arrangement makes this house an interesting example of national architecture which represents an early phase in Morava house style development.

The owner does not live in the house anymore, so it is rapidly deteriorating.