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Gospodjin vir
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In the locality Gospođin vir there are the remains of a Roman road and a watch tower, and in the vicinity in the area of Manastir there are medieval church with a necropolis and a settlement; there is also a location with prehistoric settlement. Together they make a wider unit which shows a long life activity span on this very cramped space between the Danube and a rocky river bank.

The evidence on the Roman road construction through the gorge are plaques of kings Tiberius, Claudius and Domitian carved in rocks. By the road there used to be a sentry box attached to a rock, so that it had only three stone walls and two small rooms inside.  Base dimensions were 10,9 х 4,5 х 4,95m. It was built by the end of I and the beginning of II century and was used in IV century too. The basic function of this watch tower was to control the road and observe the opposite bank.

Manastir locality discovers the foundations of a medieval single – nave church, 18 х 6m dimensions, with a semicircular apse in the east and a very small additionally constructed narthex in the west. Later a much bigger narthex was built. In the northeast of the church a necropolis was formed, and a bit farther a settlement was built too. The church, the necropolis and the settlement date from XIV century, and were in use till the beginning of XVI century.

Prehistoric settlement was covered with talus, and during the research the remains of a settlement which lasted from Neolithic till the Iron Age were discovered.

The entire locality is sunk due to PP Đerdap construction and increased water level.