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The Monument of Culture Great importance Велика Плана
Manastir koporin (1) 1385142103
Manastir koporin (2) 1385142105

To the southeast of Velika Plana settlement, secluded from the road to Smederevska Palanka, there is a monastery Koporin with a church dedicated to Saint Stefan. The church was built during the time of despot Stefan Lazarević (1389-1427) and his portrait with an inscription indicating the title of despot as a witness in the west part of the nave.  According to this, the fresco – painting dates back to the time after the battle of Angora in 1402, when Stefan Lazarević acquired the title of despot.  There is no existing data on the patron and the time of the church construction, but it can be said that it is a typical example of byway architectural style in the time of Stefan Lazarević.

The church belongs to the type of a single nave and single dome buildings, and a simple cross – in. The cupola lies on a slender octagonal dome ring with a cubic stand. In terms of space, it is divided into an altar space with a low semicircular apse, a nave and narthex. The church is almost entirely built in sand stone, whereas the brick was used scarcely and for the design of few details. In the time of domineering Morava triconche, this kind of solution implies the influence of Raška architecture. A typical detail on the church façade is that the big windows on the south and north side are walled up; instead there is only one narrow, long hole.  Most light comes from the cupola dome ring and its narrow holes with a horseshoe widening at the top. To the end XIX century, the church was in ruins, and during its restoration in 1880, it got a narthex as an extension. The façade in the west was enlivened with an accented pitch garland in a shape of garland above the temple entrance; above it there is an oculus, and both side niches show Saint Stefan and Saint Jovan.

Fresco – painting has been partially saved and it does not follow contemporary trends of Morava painting; it is a bit archaic and alike fresco – painting of the second half of XIV century. However, here we can see a set of standing figures of holy warriors, typical for monumental Morava painting.

Even though it was somewhere believed that Koporin is a mausoleum of despot Stefan Lazarević, that idea has never been approved scientifically. Archeological excavations in monastery Manasija in 2006, together with the anthropological analysis have proven that despot Stefan Lazarević was buried in his own endowment.