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The Monument of Culture Exceptional importance Велика Плана
Manastir pokajnica (1) 1385142451
Manastir pokajnica (2) 1385142453 Manastir pokajnica (3) 1385142455

Pokajnica monastery is located in Staro Selo, not a far from Velika Plana. A church dedicated to the transfer of the Relics of Saint Nikola was built in 1818, and an inscription engraved on a plank near the entrance. The church was built by a Serbian duke Vujica Vulićević as a repentance act for killing Vožd Karadjordje.  Till 1954, it served as Myra church and afterwards was turned into a monastery.

The church is a single nave building with polygonal altar apse in the east and additionally erected polygonal porch in the west, from 1880. By its dimensions, it belongs to the group of large churches with a porch. Spatially, it is divided into an altar, nave, and narthex with choirs and a porch. Except the foundations made of crushed stone, the church is entirely made of oak.  The roof is quite massive, high and steep with wide eaves slightly sloping; it is rounded in the part of altar and porch and covered with oak shingle. On the porch there are wooden pillars and shashovac parapet fence. The interior is vaulted with a barrel vault made of profiled shashovac. The church and porch floor is made of brick. Numerous decorative elements in the church were made of wood.

The iconostasis construction dates back to the period of church construction, and the icons are from the 30s of XIX century and are the work of Konstantin Zograf.

At the very entrance to the monastery port there is a residence dating back to the period of church construction; today there is a museum exhibition, and closely by the church there is a wooden bell tower.  In the port there are two new residences, built in XX century.