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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Жагубица
Mehana u laznici (1) 1387993841
Mehana u laznici (2) 1387993843 Mehana u laznici (3) 1387993845

The old tavern in Laznica was built in the second half of XIX century in the village center. It was built on the regulation line and it is turned towards the street with its north side. It was built as a standard tavern with an open porch along the north façade.

By its size and functional organization it belongs to the rich type of a business – residential object. The tavern is a ground floor building, with a semi – ditched cellar under one part of the object and a porch of the length same as the street façade. The base is rectangular and the dimensions are 25,10х14,20m. The foundations and walls are made of crushed stone. The outside walls are 70cm thick, while the inside walls are 30-40cm thick and made of brick. The roof is four – sloped and covered with tile.

The interior can be divided into three. The tavern with auxiliary rooms is in the middle, while on one side there are rooms for rent, and on the other there is a dwelling for the innkeeper.

The old tavern building has recently been brought down, but there is a reconstruction and revitalization project of this significant accomplishment of national architecture.