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Zgrada os i stara kuca u skolskom dvoristu u vitezevu (1) 1387400992
Zgrada os i stara kuca u skolskom dvoristu u vitezevu (2) 1387400996

Primary School in Viteževo was founded in 1894 and operated in a private house in its first year of business. In the following year – 1895 – it was relocated to a school building in the village center, near the main road, and the first teacher was Pavle Lukić.  Until the Second World War it had a name “Public national school High Stevan“. During the Bulgarian occupation it served as a jail and officers infirmary, and it was set on fire. The foundations are preserved in the east from the contemporary school building.  

The primary school building in Viteževo is of a rectangular base, oriented towards north with its narrow side that is towards the street.  This is a ground floor object with a basement only under the south part. Organizationally it is divided into two parts. The space allocated for pupils has a long corridor which leads into two classrooms and one office.  The other part of the building is economical and has a separate entrance with a kitchen and a dining room, as well as a staircase for the cellar and an attic. It was built with an old form brick. The roof is four – sloped and was covered with reclaimed roof tile. Classroom floors and the office are wooden.

To the south of the school building in the yard there is an old house with a porch from XIX century. It was built on the foundations of crushed stone as a “chatam” building, whitewashed both from the outside and inside. The roof is four – sloped and is covered with tile. Organizationally, the building has four rooms and a porch, but no chimney. Two rooms have “shashovac” and wooden joists ceilings, while the other two are covered with “kolenika”. The floor is made of impregnated soil. During time it served for different purposes, so in a certain period it served as a local community.